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Update: The future of this blog

Over the past few months, I have very much enjoyed making this blog. However, I am not completely satisfied with the way I have been posting things.

What I have been doing is working for a while on a project, waiting until I finish it and then writing up a post on this site and posting it. This has worked out okay for some things, but it has been restricting the frequency with which I have been able to post. More than that however, the fact that I have not really been able to post about something as I have been doing it has made me feel as though my documentation has been incomplete. I have not been able to record every thing in a very detailed manner, and in some cases I feel as though I have left entire significant steps of my process out of my posts.

To combat this, I have decided to take a whole new approach to my posting. Rather than waiting until I have completed a project to post anything about it, I will post about it as I do it. This will allow me to post more frequently, and be more detailed about what I am doing. Also, I have decided to follow a general format which will hopefully make my posts more organized. The format is pretly loose, and will allow posts to still each be unique, but will make them much easier to follow and understand. It will also make it easier for me to post about a project no matter what step of the process I am in.

To begin this, I have made posts for the next few projects I hope to complete, and will Update them as I make progress on them. As of now there is nothing more than a title and a description, but keep a look out for updates, because I will likely update the posts once every week or two, with my current progress.



     For as long as I can remember, science has been my biggest fascination. As my fascination has become an endeavor to understand the nature of the world around me firsthand, I have found myself diving deep into a world of DIY devices and jury rigged experiments. Whether I am making Tesla coils, homemade CRTs, or burning lasers, I always find great pleasure in what I do and hope to inspire others to follow suite. At any rate, as my number of completed projects begins to grow I feel more obligated to share what I’ve done so it can be useful for others.Image