Tube Amp: Marshall 9001 Preamp


My attempt to build a Marshall preamp compatible with one of my dad’s power tube amps (he commissioned me to build this). While it does include tubes as part of the amplifier, it also involves a lot of solid state circuitry, making for a highly complex build.











  1. Hi Ben,

    I’m actually very interested with your project. For myself, I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 10 years old. And later on I started studying electronics, to get a total understanding of what a guitar is all about.
    The reason for me contacting you is that I also have a Marshall 9001 tube-preamp. The only problem is that don’t get it to work as it used to do, and with less doubt I’ve started thinking the powersupply-transformer has given up on me. I only have been guessing because the schematics I found on the internet wasn’t that clear on voltage-levels going to the tube-board. Above all I couldn’t find any reference to what voltage-levels Marshall tended to use in those days.
    My question being: If it’s not to many trouble; could you measure or even help me find, the AC voltage-levels at the secondary side of the transformer. You can send me a message on facebook.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  2. …interested IN your project. Sorry… :p

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